There’s no welcome warmer than the one a heated towel rail gives you. The experts from Jeeves share six things to consider when buying heated towel rails.

Jeeves Classic Eight Heated Towel Rail

1. Why do you need a heated towel rail? No more damp, smelly towels! Especially useful in humid and wet climates, heated towel rails offer you a constant supply of warm, dry towels. Also, your towels will remain fresh for longer, prompting electricity and water savings due to reduced washing and tumble drying.

2. Selecting a suitable design. Increased surface area and heat density allow for more effective towel drying and warming. Heated towel rail designs with fewer and widely spaced horizontal bars are effective towel dryers, while premium designs with groups of closely spaced bars will not only dry towels but also gently warm them. An effective way to warm and dry damp bath towels is to fold the towel in half, and in half again before draping it over the heated towel rail. As a rule of thumb, one group of bars on a premium model is enough space for a twice-folded bath sheet.

Jeeves Heated Ladder Rail

3. Automatic heating technology (AHT) for electricity efficiency. Jeeves’s advanced heated towel rails do not rely on constant user input to regulate operating times, heat levels and energy consumption. For the users’ convenience, these ever-changing functions are performed automatically by their advanced AHT. Even while on, AHT ensures that the heated towel rails do not necessarily draw power. This intelligent cyclical consumption pattern results in impressive energy savings where electricity consumption of an average-sized model is equivalent to that of a standard light bulb.

4. Colour options. You can order your heated towel rail with a mirror-polished or matte brushed stainless steel surface finish. Jeeves also offers matte black, antique rose gold, yellow gold and matte white coated options.

5. Peace of mind. Manufactured in South Africa from locally sourced 304 stainless steel, Jeeves export-quality heated towel rails are supplied with an impressive 25-year guarantee.

6. Environment. Jeeves heated towel rails are manufactured with the environment in mind. In addition to impressive energy savings from AHT and hydronic heating, Jeeves’s rails are manufactured from locally sourced stainless steel which is 100% recyclable. The company also recycles manufacturing materials wherever possible and is proud to be a member of the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Jeeves Tangent L Heated Ladder Rail