Kids’ furniture has never been in a more exciting space! From user-friendly furniture to style-defining pieces, there’s a host of products available to complement any themed bedroom. With this in mind, we found five pieces that should be considered and we have included tips from experts.

1. A bedroom basic – Flant & Mungo Bunk Bed from Clever Little Monkey

Tip: The beauty of the Flant & Mungo Bunk Bed is that it can easily be converted into two single beds with useful shelving and cubby space at the footend. Whether you use this bed as a bunk bed or two singles, there is always plenty of storage with the space-saving shelves.

Maximise on space with the smart storage on the Flant & Mungo Bunk Bed by stacking books in the shelves and strategically adding some décor. Items that vary in size mixed with personal items make it stylish, but homely. The most important styling tip when it comes to your child’s room is to stay true to their style, as they spend the most time here and need to be comfortable. – Stephanie Niemandt of Clever Little Monkey

Clever Little Monkey

2. Simple storage – Classic Toy Box from Nest Designs

Tip: Doubling up as seating, this Classic Toy Box has been designed with children in mind. The lid’s unique safety hinge prevents accidental dropping to help protect little fingers. This trunk is great to store all toys, making it a must for every kid’s bedroom. – Vanessa Gibson of Nest Designs

Nest Designs

3. Shelving solutions – Adjustable shelving unit from Wheatley Studios

Tip: Designed to grow with your kids, this adjustable shelving unit is not only a delight to look at with its minimalist appeal, it also doubles up as an adjustable desk, which works as part of the same system. As an adult, it can quickly adjust from a standing to a sitting position but with children, it can be adjusted as they grow. The units are available in a variety of materials, but the oak and black steel are our most popular. There is a “classic” aesthetic with the oak that works with most décor styles. – Ben Wheatley of Wheatley Studios

Wheatley Studios

4. A dutiful desk – Aidan Desk from ROCA Kids Furniture & Décor

Tip: The trend these days is very much in line with creating multifunctional spaces with clever design. Our space-saving, wall-mounted Aidan Desk has been a huge hit for parents wanting to create a study area for their children without encroaching on their play area in their rooms or in the family living area. Our design is compact, functional and it works. – Hayley Windt from ROCA Kids Furniture & Décor

ROCA Kids Furniture & Décor

5. Keep it compact – Dakota Compactum from Esque

Tip: Keep your kids’ rooms tidy with a Dakota Compactum. The slick chest of drawers features the clean aesthetics of Scandinavian design, making it a trendy piece that can age well as your little one grows up. Instead of a bedside table, consider these drawers that will work well in a small room. – Hazel Meyer from Esque