There is nothing quite like a well-organised kitchen to make meal prep, cooking and cleaning both efficient and enjoyable. We asked three kitchen experts to share their top tips for organising your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Gourmet Kitchens

How do you organise your kitchen cabinets and drawers?

Sameera Shaik, director, Gourmet Kitchens: When it concerns space, a large kitchen is fairly easy to organise as there is no issue of “too little space”. A small kitchen however can be tricky. In smaller kitchens it helps to maximise the use of areas that you wouldn’t ordinarily consider as storage spaces, such the area above the fridge, under a kitchen island, above a window and under the sink.

Erin Braithwaite, project manager, FABRI: Organisation can be achieved most effectively with the use of internal accessories that allow you to easily view all items being stored, such as internal pantry drawer systems and pull-out shelving. It’s important to think carefully about how each unit will be used in order to plan for effective organisation, for example a tall unit in a laundry area could house a hanging rail for freshly ironed clothing and laundry baskets.


Decluttering tips for your kitchen cabinets and drawers…

Sameera Shaik: Consider using more drawers with partitions rather than cupboards. Items stored in a drawer are more easily seen and accessed as opposed to something stored at the back of a deep cupboard. Think about what you will store in a particular drawer and then adapt the space accordingly.

If space allows for a walk-in pantry, don’t just line the walls with end-to-end shelving. Like every space, this area should incorporate a well-thought-out design catering for your specific needs, i.e. cubicles, pull-out baskets and counter space, in addition to shelves.

Philip Richards, brand director, blu_line: Make sure everything has its place and to make this happen, organise the internals of your drawers and cabinets. Focus on the essential items used for cooking and other activities done in the kitchen. Often the cabinets are messy just because there are a lot of things that you do not even use anymore taking up space.


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