As we’ve entered the new year, now might be the time to update your kitchen. Before you start, take inspiration from these top five trends spotted at the international kitchen fair Eurocucina.

1. Clean lines

Linear design was a favourite at Eurocucina, along with clutter-free surfaces achieved with clever ideas, such as sliding countertops, integrated extractors and splashbacks that reveal hidden storage. Cabinetry is sleek with touch open systems rather than handles and pull-out drawers instead of cupboards.

2. Mix of materials

A common trend at the show was to combine natural materials with other textures. An eco-friendly way to achieve this is by using sustainable and recycled products.

3. Make it personal

Open shelving and glass fronted cabinets were prominent kitchen design features at Eurocucina. This allows for home owners to create their own curated displays of items, which reflect their style and personalise the space.

4. Lighting for impact

Lighting in the kitchen is no longer functional but is integral to the overall design. Popular choices at Eurocucina included pendant lights over the workspace, LED lights in drawers and ambient floor-level lamps.

5. Living space

Highlighted at the show was the kitchen as a “living space” made not just for cooking but also for eating, socialising and relaxing. Areas are allocated for comfortable seating, entertainment systems and dining tables and chairs rather than the conventional bar counter and stools. Taking this concept one step further is incorporating living elements in the design, such as herb gardens on walls or in countertops.