If you’re looking to add a bold statement to your home’s interior, consider statement pendant lighting. Discover our latest finds.

Adopt a layered approach

“When choosing the perfect lighting for your space, ensure that you incorporate three basic but important functions – ambient, accent and task lighting. Bold, unique lights can transform your home from mediocre and functional to an artfully illuminated and welcoming space.” – Karin Cawthorne, owner of KARE


Create focal points

“Bold, eye-catching pendant and floor lamps illuminate a space as well as create focal points for deco elements, artwork and ornaments.” – Karin Cawthorne, owner of KARE


Gorgeous gold

“Grey/neutral colour schemes are very popular in contemporary homes these days, from the walls to the furniture to the textile choices. A great way to make a statement with pendant lighting is to choose fixtures in a gold-tone finish. This combination is unexpected yet sophisticated.” – Kelly Klopper, Eurolux brand manager


Go with curves

“A lot of interior spaces are all straight lines and sharp angles. A pendant fixture with curves, circles and spheres creates a statement while softening the room, giving it a more relaxed feel.” – Kelly Klopper, Eurolux brand manager


Try out clusters

“One of the most effective ways to create a bold statement in one’s home is to incorporate multiple hanging lights in a cluster. One can use the same pendant hung at different levels for a layered modern chandelier effect. To create this look, one can use a number of large pendants, a number of small pendants, or a combination of both. Regardless of the preference, the overall effect is modern, futuristic and, most importantly, sculptural.” – Vash Pillay, Spectronix Lighting Design head lighting designer

Spectronix Lighting Design

Chandeliers with LED bulbs

“Chandeliers, whether contemporary or traditional crystal, make a statement in your home. A lot of the traditional crystal chandeliers incorporate decorative LED bulbs, which maintains the beauty of the chandelier without compromising on the design. A few benefits of these bulbs are that they have a dimmable option, they are eco-friendly, low-energy, have a longer lifespan and are cost-effective. They also give you the option of using cool white or warm white lighting to set the tone in your interior.” – Eli Kami, owner of K. Light Import

K. Light Import

Pendants for the bedroom

“Pendant lighting is always a great way to add a bold look to any room. Using pendant lights above your bedside tables frees up space from lamps and gives the room a different look and feel.” – Brad Kalish, director of Streamlight