By Jess Binns, Project Consultant Avril Elias, Property Coordinator Catherine de Vincenzo, Photography Chris Allan

After spending every available school holiday and long weekend at the coast, this family finally made the call to up sticks and relocate to the sunny climes of KwaZulu-Natal’s northern shores.

Built in to the sloping hills of Brettenwood Family Estate, the unassuming entrance belies what awaits on the other side. Natural light floods this double-storey home, highlighting the thought and care taken in creating it. Unapologetically, curtain treatments are few and far between, the immediate surroundings seen as a visual extension, an integral part of the puzzle.

The owners of this home worked closely with local architect Peter Whitehouse, of Whitehouse Designs. Armed with an array of inspirational images, they were able to really set the scene for their future home. “Peter just got us,” says the owner. “He considered everything we gave him; it was an absolute pleasure to work with him.”

At the centre of both floors you have communal areas in which to kick back and relax. A subtle-toned screed floor runs throughout the house, stopping only at the bathrooms to make way for quartz carpet, a fine-textured flooring that has good grip and feels luxurious underfoot.

Throughout the house, bold accent colours identify each space. Far from overpowering, the statement walls balance out the rich, earthy tones of the variegated timber ceilings. “Colour is very much part of me, part of who I am,” explains the owner. One area of note is the well-executed kitchen. In constant use, this is the heart and soul of the house, enhanced by the atrium over the bar counter, which adds a touch of drama.

“All the best parties happen in the kitchen,” laughs the owner. “No matter where you start out, you always end up migrating to the kitchen.”

A family home filled with light and colour, surrounded by nature and a horizon never far from view… This home has it all.