More often than not, home owners opt for sliding doors as a way to blur the boundaries between the inside and outside. However, installing sliding doors in your home offers a wealth of other benefits as well.

Ease of use

“The average swing door uses up 2m² of room space per door, which in today’s era of compact living linked to price per square metre is a large amount of space and money wasted. Sliding doors therefore offer efficiency in design, space utilisation and a budget-friendly option,” explains Rowan Dancer, managing director at Hillaldam Sliding Door Systems.

Hillaldam Sliding Door Systems

According to Stephanie Lee, marketing manager at P C Henderson, sliding doors also enable flexible living and offer ease of access. “An individual living with mobility issues may find a swing door difficult to manoeuvre through, particularly when using a wheelchair. Sliding doors create a completely clear opening, allowing for easy movement from room to room.”

Reduce electricity costs

Sliding doors are also a great option if you are looking at ways of reducing your electricity consumption. Swartland’s Cobus Lourens recommends choosing energy-efficient glazing for your sliding doors as this will not only save you a lot of money over their lifespan, but it is also the responsible thing to do regarding the environment. He notes that apart from insulation, glazing can also come with coatings that offer other desirable qualities, such as protection, safety, security, solar and sound control, UV protection and decoration.


Maintenance is key

Naturally to get the most out of your sliding doors, you will have to maintain them. Manufacturers should supply you with the proper maintenance tips to ensure the longevity of your doors. A simple washdown of all parts will also go a long way in taking care of the doors. If needed, “seal the sliding doors regularly with a good-quality penetrating sealer and keep the track clean of any debris”, advises Bernard Fisher, CEO of Doors Direct.

Doors Direct

Go with the best

And finally, according to Dean Halcrow, the national sales manager at Slide ’n Space Doors: “It is always good to ensure that you use an accredited supplier that cares about safety and quality especially when using glass and mirror products.” He adds that you should insist on seeing the full safety report and if possible, use anti-jump mechanisms to ensure that the doors don’t come off their tracks.

Slide ‘n Space Doors