Bathroom walls are different to any other walls in your home. Not only do your wall tiles need to be aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly they need to be resistant to heavy moisture. We spoke to the experts in the industry to find out what’s new on the market to ensure your bathroom won’t be a bore.

Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom

Size matters

Monika Krolewicz of Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom has noticed the growing trend of large tiles for both walls and floors. She says: “Walls tiles are getting larger, and are now available in sizes up to 400mm X 1 200mm.” This offers the space a sophisticated and seamless look and feel.

Ferreiras Tile + Bathroom

Pattern play

According to Oren Sachs of WOMAG, fully tiled bathrooms are big this year, as are tiles in unique shapes and pattern arrangements. He says: “To create interesting spaces, unusual shapes and different designs are being used to add a designer look and feel. This is achieved through the application of patterns on walls, backsplashes and shower walls to create different and bold details.”


The 3D effect

“Texture is not only the finish of the product, but also the depth. 3D tiles are great at adding a dramatic statement into any room, not just a bathroom,” says Krolewicz. If you’re set on textured feel, Krolewicz highlights: “At Ferreiras, there is the Marazzi Fabric in a 400mm x 1 200mm tile. The colours are safer, but the texture makes a great statement.”


Trendy terrazzo

Back on-trend, Terrazzo tiles are stylish and provide an understated elegance to your space with their subtle texture. According to Tile Africa’s Liza Watermeyer: “The Terrazzo look is distinguished by chips of marble, stone and other material in a cement/cement-look background. The textural appearance can vary from fine grain aggregate to large pieces that form distinctive patterns.” Applied to one main wall, Terrazzo will have a beautiful defining aesthetic to your bathroom.

Tile Africa

With many tiling options to consider, it can easily become quite overwhelming. Krolewicz advises: “When it comes to wall tiles, my top tip would be to go bold, but make sure you really love the product, as a tile is not an easy thing to replace.”