By Marianne McDonald, Project Consultant and Property Coordinator Monique Rankine, Photography Nic Baleta

On deciding it was time for a change, this home owner sought out a new home and applied a fresh decor style that brought life and inspiration to the spaces.

Overall, the home exudes old Hollywood glam. Shaggy rugs bring warmth and a cosy feel, but it’s the reflective surfaces, floor-to-ceiling drapes, recessed ceilings, chandeliers and luxurious fabrics that are the punctuation marks in a sophisticated conversation between modern and classical styles. The introduction of natural wood accents grounds the home and adds a relaxed feel to the chic interiors.

Over time, the home owner had collected a number of classical-style pieces, including sideboards, armchairs and a chaise longue in the main bedroom.

Since she did not want to part with these, it fell to the interior designer to integrate them into a modern scheme. The solution was to have each piece refinished in black lacquer and reupholstered in vibrant fabrics. These items now make a real design statement and paired with the contemporary pieces, form a symbolic bridge between the home owner’s old life and new.

This new life includes plenty of entertaining and family gatherings. Various seating and eating areas, the open-plan lounge, dining and bar areas lead out on to the patio, where views of the surrounding area offer privacy and solitude. High walls are forgone in favour of clear fencing, on the other side of which animals can often be seen grazing – despite the fact that the property is situated within a sprawling urban environment.

The interior designer had free rein on the addition of modern furniture pieces and the overall look of the home, and the selected artworks play an important role. The pieces were commissioned from artist Isaac Fourie and purchased by the designer to showcase the potential of the home, but the home owner loved them and has kept them as permanent fixtures in the home alongside her own black-and-white photography.

Other decorative design elements include the sliding door into the kitchen, featuring silhouetted trees, which mirror the trees outside the property that are silhouetted against the roller blinds on the windows.

This attention to detail carries through into the upper level of the home, with each space carefully considered – from seating areas on the landing and in the main bedroom to the individual colour schemes for each bedroom and bathroom.