Time to revamp your light fittings? Here’s our round-up of the season’s key trends when it comes to pendants, chandeliers and lamps.

• The artisanal influence is still prevalent, which means that furnishings hinting at craft origins are taking pride of place. The trend has had an impact on lighting, too, reports Ryan Carthew of Eagle Lighting, pointing to the popularity of chandeliers with wooden or vintage pendants.

• LED lights have developed significantly, with a wide choice now available. According to Carthew, modern LED pendants are in favour, especially those that alter the colour of the light; moving along the spectrum from warm white to neutral and cool white, for example.

• Minimalism is a buzzword for 2018, says Kelly Klopper of Eurolux. This translates to clean lines and simple silhouettes from the ceiling. Modern retro is another critical influence this season, characterised by bold curves and spherical luminaires.

• When it comes to colour, it seems that decor’s love of metallics is here to stay. Gold and brass are especially popular for lighting. Gold inner linings set against matte black or white shades are especially striking.

• What shapes to go for? Klopper says decor’s revived love affair with the Seventies can be seen in the prevalence of circular forms, rounded edges, spheres and curves.

• Frosted shades are another stamp of the Seventies – but remember that although they can add the retro appeal you’re looking for when used sparingly, too much frosting can make a room appear outdated. Go wild with this look, and you’ll find that you’ll need to invest in new fixtures in just a few months’ time.

Images: Eurolux