A staircase wall is essentially a big, blank canvas. Here are some ways to make the most of this great space…

Wallpaper it – The options here are endless; anything from delicate floral or damask prints to faux linen and other textured finishes, reflective designs, bold blocks of colour, striking stripes, dots and exciting 3D visuals.

Light it up – Wall lights don’t need to be decorative or even very big. Simple, small lights, recessed into the wall, are perfect for lighting the way without protruding into this high-traffic area.

Go vintage – Showcase favourite family portraits using a mix of vintage frames in different shapes and sizes, all painted the same colour.

Photo bomb – Bring your Instagram to life by printing out your favourite snapshots and sticking them onto white ceramic wall tiles as DIY ‘polaroid pictures’. Group them together on the wall and just keep adding to the collection over time.

Mirror, mirror… – Lead the eye up the steps with a grand display of mirrors. A quick tip is to paint the frames of the mirrors the same colour as the wall. That way the frames will blend into the wall, while the mirrors remain the main focus.

Use your words and ABCs – Large wooden, wire or metal alphabet letters, framed quotes and vinyl wall decals work well together, as do oversized wooden ‘Scrabble tiles’ lined up horizontally and vertically into words such as ‘family’, ‘love’, ‘happy place’, etc. Or blow up and frame favourite book pages and covers.

Clad it – Stone and wood are popular choices here; from vertical stacked-stone panels alternating with painted sections of wall, to horizontal timber cladding. Cork squares and even sheets of metal both lend themselves well to arrangements of photos, art and the like using pins and magnets. A panelled wall in a grid pattern becomes a striking gallery space for art when painted a dark colour, as the panels themselves become the frames for each piece.

Around the world – Turn a collection of postcards from places you’ve visited into inexpensive wall art or hang a deconstructed map (split into three or four sections) with pins marking all of the places you’ve visited and the ones you still want to see.

Chalk it up – Create a ‘Family Tree’ picture gallery by painting the staircase wall with chalkboard paint and drawing the tree with its various branches. Then hang ancestral and current family pictures on the branches. The great thing is that you can always add more branches as your family grows!

Clipboard art – A fun way to display kids’ art is by hanging same-size clipboards at different heights on the wall. Then simply clip on the art and display it until your little Picasso presents his next masterpiece. Gives the fridge a break at least!

Fabric finish – Cover an assortment of blank canvases in pretty patterned fabrics or fill the space with a large hanging rug as wall art.

Quick tip: A staircase wall is often the perfect spot for more ‘interactive’ wall displays (for example, the deconstructed map, the art clipboards, chalk wall, cork squares and the like as mentioned) as the stairs help elevate you to within reach.