Want to give your living room a style makeover that’s unmistakable in its look and feel? Here are some popular themes to consider…

1 Industrial – Industrial interiors celebrate efficiency and functionality by transforming the ‘working parts’ of a space – beams, columns, pipes and ducts, etc – into decorative statements. Much more than just concrete and steel, the industrial look can encompass anything from wooden accents and exposed brickwork, to big glass windows, mixed metals and recycled or salvaged furniture and accessories – set against greys and browns, with pops of colour here and there.

2 Minimalist – Minimalism is a style that uses ‘pared-down’ design elements. The magic words here are sleek, clean and clutter-free; to keep to only the essentials. In a nutshell… to live with less; to strip things down to their bare basics; to conceal storage; to use a soft and subdued colour palette, and to bring in natural light. The ‘Scandinavian’ look has become very popular of late, which, like minimalism, embodies a move towards simplicity, functionality and efficiency, but which also manages to make a space warm and inviting – even cheerful in its starkness.

3 Eclectic – ‘Anything goes’ with this style. Think a mix of pieces from different eras and, of course, lots of books. There are no rules as you play with materials, textures and colour harmonies here. The quirkier, the better – it’s all about you; showing of your individuality and unique tastes. The ‘eclectic way’ borrows freely from others and comes with a lot of layering. The trick is to keep it coherent while preventing it from becoming too loud and overwhelming.

4 Zen – This style is all about balance, harmony, relaxation and working with the elements. There’s no complicated detail or excess ornamentation. From the soothing sounds of an indoor water feature, to window blinds that help control the amount of natural light; textiles that are predominantly organic, calming room scents in the form of essential oils, plants and other greenery (from bonsai’s to terrariums) standing on low wooden tables, and colours in soft, natural tones – basically, anything that is seen as meditative and restorative. Silence and stillness are paramount in a Zen space, so electronics (TVs especially) are best hidden behind a cabinet door when not in use, along with wires and cables. The aim here is to feel like you’re in a comforting, soul-enriching cocoon.

5 Art Deco – This style is characterized by graphic patterns, rich colours, opulence, geometric ‘drama’ and high-gloss finishes. Think angular armchairs, lacquered wood, geometric motifs, bold and glossy paints, as well as an abundance of glass and mirrors. With this style, lines and geometry are in charge. Art Deco interiors are also set apart by their layered, up-and-down lighting.

6 Vintage – Everyone is in love with vintage, it seems. It’s all about mismatched plates, mirrors and the special artwork you unearthed at that craft market you visited on your last road trip. It’s about nostalgia and story-telling and blending rustic with romantic – where you’re surrounded by a cosy kind of history. The trick is to avoid recreating a flea market in your living room though; to keep it refined and charming using a fresh colour scheme, considered layers of ‘mix-and-matching’ and well-chosen, curated treasures.

Which style would you choose and why? Share your thoughts with us…