Using the sophisticated production techniques that blend classic Modernist styling with a unique take on detailing and form, Johannesburg-based designer Joe Paine presents LUMINOL — the latest, and long-awaited evolution of his celebrated lighting design practice.

Launching in November 2021, the Luminol range takes its inspiration from the purple chemical of the same name used by forensic investigators to reveal trace amounts of blood left at crime scenes. The resulting line twists the designer’s notoriously dark humour with over a year of meticulous design consideration, exploring the chemiluminescent purple glow that can be seen in a darkened room when Luminol is used.

Joe’s signature use of steel grows to include materials such as rolled steel, chrome and lacquer, taking the form of two standing lamps – the Luminol Chrome and Silver Standing Lamp – three table lamps – (Sarah Silverma’am; Myrtle Wide and Silver River), and two Hook Wall mounted lamps.

“I tried with this range to put one foot in the past and one in the future by using classic Italian and Scandi forms and combining that with colours that are typically associated with the future. I am hoping the result will resonate through the typical shapes and colours found in lighting today,” Joe explains from his studio.

This range, the designer says, marks a new period for him: ‘I feel I am at the shores of a sea change in my work. Well I hope so. I need to change, and am currently reskilling into new technical capabilities that will allow me to make more interesting products and keep me more interested. I can only hope that as I get older I don’t get stuck into similar patterns of success and failure.”

The full range will be on display and available for made-to-order purchase in November 2021 at Always Welcome store in Hyde Park Corner, and via the store’s new ecommerce platform. “Joe has been with us at Always Welcome since day one, so it’s a privilege and delight for Always Welcome to launch the new range with him and to share it with the public,” says Always Welcome co-founder Garreth van Niekerk.