By Rami Moorosi

The home owners wanted to break away from the trends with a hybrid design that reflected the elements from Caribbean beach houses, Rhodesian verandah homes as well as traditional British and American homes.

To fulfil their lifelong dream of a plantation-style house in Johannesburg, they approached architect Craig Canter to design a warm family home that would suit their lifestyle.
All of the living rooms, kitchen and bedrooms are northfacing with a direct link to the feature garden. Sliding sash windows further enhance the traditional feel of the home while at the same time give the interiors a light and airy atmosphere.

Making the exteriors unique to the estate is creative use of stepped roofs and lean-to roofs – an excellent touch as this is not only aesthetically pleasing, but gives the illusion of a much larger house.
The roof overhangs and angles have another functional aspect – these have been designed to allow direct sunlight into the rooms in winter but much less in summer. Fitted ceiling fans in the living spaces provide a cooling solution that is more energy efficient than air conditioning. Another environmentally friendly aspect of the home is the solar powered geyser.

Natural materials finish off the look and further enhance the warm and inviting ambience of the home. All exposed timberwork such as the window and door frames, trusses, eaves, skirting, architraves, cornices and balustrades are painted white to contrast with the neighbouring dark-stained timber windows. The floors are adorned with travertine tiles and solid timber floors.

In all its splendour, this home is captivating in its amalgamation of styles and attention to detail, and with a functionality that has evolved to perfection, the dwelling provides the ultimate environment for its residents.

Barrow Flooring (0800 444 000)supplied the elegant engineered timber flooring found in this home. The Universal Hevea Prime 3 strip was chosen for its natural finish that adds depth, character and warmth to the rooms – an excellent choice as it not only ages well with time but it also hardly shrinks and swells.THE WOODCRAFTSMEN (082 451 5939?)The meranti balustrading found in this home’s interiors and exteriors, is a good example of the impressive and meticulous workmanship of The Woodcraftsmen. The company is able to create masterful pieces that complement any style ranging from traditional and rustic to minimalistic. Wood craftsmen also specialises in producing complete wooden staircases, bars and custom built units.Paralle Architecture (083 44 77 111) Parallax Architecture, a firm renowned for its contemporary design, was brought in to fulfil the client lifelong dream of a plantation-style house in Johannesburg.Working closely with the owners, Parallax was able to give the tradtional stlye an elegant South Africa twist by incorporating elements ideally suited to the surrounding climate and way of life.The end result was a delicate balance of green technology and luxury in ahome that reflects the dreams of the owner.Risely Kitchen (011 807 5007) This kitchen is testimony to the outstanding craftsmanship of Risely Kitchens.The company used the ivory Africa rang granite combined with rosewood tops, furthur accentuated by hand-painted 22mm supawood shaker-style door,painted in Robins Egg blue colour.This was enhance by a combination of pewter knobs and drop handles