Have a professional paint expert in your pocket! Colour inspiration and expert paint advice is now right at your fingertips, thanks to Plascon’s new InspireMe app.

Launching officially in May, despite having already been downloaded more than 6500 times before its official release, the app allows users to identify and browse through colours in the Plascon range and receive advice on products, surfaces and common paint problems. The Plascon InspireMe app, or what could be dubbed as Plascon’s-Pocket-Paint-Professional, has three key features: Identify, Guide and Colours.

The app has three key features:


Have you ever seen a colour on a wall, cushion or tank top that you just had to have in your home? Simply take a photo of the must-have colour with your cell phone and click on the section of the image you would like to use. The closest matching Plascon colour will pop up, together with the adjacent colour options nearest to this shade.


With such a diversity of surfaces and product variety, paint has become a fairly complex choice. This section of the Plascon Inspire Me app has been designed to help users who are planning their own DIY projects to make quick and easy choices. Using the Guide feature, the app will prompt you to choose the surface you wish to paint as well as its location in your home.


Should you merely wish to explore Plascon’s vast rainbow of colours, the app also allows you to browse through the colour ranges. If you like a specific colour, you can add it to your Favourites gallery and the app will store the colour for your future creative reference.

The app is available for free download at plasconinspireme.mobi or plasconinspireme.co.za and through various app stores. The app is compatible with Nokia, Blackberry, Iphone and Samsung cell phones.