Temperatures are dropping, leaves are drying, nights are getting longer and pretty soon we’ll be deep in the throes of winter. So before the first real chill of the season sweeps through the city, take some time out to make your home a warm haven to retreat to with these tips:

Throw it on

Place cosy throws and blankets near your chairs, sofas and beds. Be sure to choose beautiful throws of high-quality with colours and prints that complement the furniture in your space. Throws will add to the aesthetics of your room, while being close at hand when you or your guests need them. If you don’t want blankets and throws to form part of your decor, you can put folded blankets in a basket and place it anywhere in the house.

Step into it

Tiles, concrete and wooden floors are great in summer but very uninviting in winter. If you want to give your feet a warmer feel just place rugs on specific areas where your feet will appreciate the warmth.

Bedroom basics

Make your bedroom a calming, soothing place where you can retreat and recharge after a long day. Start by changing your linen. Pack away the thin cotton linen and replace it with brushed cotton, jersey knit or cotton flannel linen. Secondly, get quilts for your bed, and keep your slippers and robe near your bed to keep the warmth in as soon as you get out of bed. Lastly, remember to open your windows for at least 10-20 minutes everyday to get some fresh air and be sure to open the curtains for some sunlight, which is said to increase happiness.

Better bath time

If you want to make stepping in or out of the shower and bathtub more bearable, especially on those early mornings and chilly days, consider installing a heated towel rail.

Light it up

A quick and affordable way to add warmth and intimacy to your space is by lighting scented candles in warm wintery scents like apple, cinnamon, pine, chocolate and bayberry.

Insulate it

If you can afford to spend some money to make your home cosier for winter, consider getting insulated windows.  If you’re on a budget, you can keep the chill at bay by moving some of the furniture you use frequently away from the windows.

Home away from home

As Edith Sitwell says, “winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk besides the fire. It is the time for home”.  So, don’t forget your guests when prepping your home for winter. Make it the perfect home away from home by keeping extra pairs of warm slippers and robes for them to use when they visit.

Do you have any tips for making a home cosier for winter? Share them in the comments section below.