Danisile Njoli’s paintings are a vivid and masterful reflection of the human face. Inspired by the beauty he sees when observing people’s expressions, the artist, whose love for art began at a young age, was born in Zimbabwe and completed an apprenticeship for fine art at the National Gallery of Bulawayo. 

I was encouraged to become a full-time artist by my uncle, who noticed my talent and advised me to take my craft very seriously.

Growing up in Zimbabwe was bittersweet, given the harsh economic crisis that has plagued my country for years. My siblings and I have had to witness our grandmother struggle to make ends meet for the whole family. However, other than that, I pretty much had a normal childhood – like any other kids.

I liken the process of painting to composing a meaningful song. I tend to allow intuition and feeling to shape my work.

I am currently working on commissions for clients.

My time as an apprentice at the National Gallery of Bulawayo really helped me to gain experience and confidence in my artistic abilities.

My favourite South African artists are Kealeboga Tlalang, Jimmy Law and Blessing Ngobeni.

South African art is becoming increasingly popular and is fast gaining a reputation in the global market. We have artists with incredible talent, and being an artist has become a viable occupation in South Africa and across Africa.

Living Artists Emporium (LAE) has helped me to understand the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone as an artist.

Future plans include establishing my own arts and crafts centre for raw and undiscovered talent in Zimbabwe.

Get in touch with me at www.livingartistemporium.co.za

Green Light

Headdress I

Headdress II

The Look

Danisile Njoli