By Sungula Nkabinde

Creating a home that meets the aesthetic and practical needs of both partners is a common challenge amongst couples living together. Because, while women are often drawn to soft colours, pretty florals and elegant silhouettes, men usually prefer  to keep their space uncluttered and practical, with clean straight lines and durable materials in darker, masculine tones. The question here is whether these contradictory tastes can be merged together. Theo van der Hoven from La-Z-Boy and Sandy Latouf from Alpine Lounge share their insights on how couples can avoid a design disaster and still both get what they want.

Focus on your similarities in style, rather than your differences. If couples start looking for similarities in style, rather than differences, they might be surprised to notice that they both like stripes or blue for example.

Make moodboards using pictures from magazines or on Pinterest. For example,  if mid-century modern is his thing and, on the other hand, she’s drawn to French-inspired pieces, they can go try to find something they both like on any of the aforementioned mediums.

Find pieces that suit both your aesthetic and practical needs. Allow space for each others sentimental objects and collections, as not only will it personalise your interior, but you’ll both enjoy spending time in there.

Create individualised personal spaces you can call your own and do with them as you will. If a couple’s styles are worlds apart and they can’t find common ground, perhaps their best bet is to give each other the freedom to create their own individual spaces.