By Trisha Harinath, Project Consultant Glynis Kearney, Property Coordinator Marlize du Rand, Photographer Nic Baleta

The primary inspiration behind the design and revamp of this property was to modernise the space and bring it into 2020. “In our minds this meant creating fluidity and consistency in the home where each and every element throughout the space makes sense and engenders a feeling of openness and equanimity yet offers a sense of warmth and homeliness,” says the home owner.

Throughout the home there is a powerful balance in the aesthetic, and this – to the owner – is one of the highlight features of the residence. “There is a mindful combination of texture and colour, from the multi-coloured and rippled concrete to the warmth of the wood, the strength of the black steel as well as the delicate greys and a bold thread of green.”

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