By Karien Slabbert, Project Consultant and Property Coordinator Monique Rankine, Photography Nic Baleta

Placid is not a word that springs to mind when describing this active family’s lifestyle. The family of eight loves the outdoors and are sports fanatics. When they’re not playing golf, you’ll find them watching sports in their home cinema, playing video games in the pyjama lounge or working up a sweat in the home gym.

The owners are self-declared modernists and wanted an uncluttered look for their contemporary home in a country estate. Thanks to careful planning, the spacious home is underpinned by clean lines, while classic elements ensure that the design remains timeless. As the owners are nature-lovers, they specified a home filled with natural light.

“The house includes of a lot of glass windows, so that we can enjoy nature in all its guises from the comfort of our home,” says the owner. Come rain or shine, they can enjoy an ever-changing natural canvas of colour and interest.

With nature as a backdrop, a finely curated ensemble of contemporary pieces and modern furniture reflects the owners’ understated style. The colours and textures of the furnishings and finishes draw on the varying shades of the surroundings.

Aesthetics aside, the layout of the home is the ideal set-up for this large family. “Thanks to the open-plan design, family members can chat to each other while sitting in different areas throughout the house,” says the owner. The lofty spaces are also ideal for entertaining friends and family. “As we’re a close-knit family, we decided on an open-plan kitchen. I wanted my wife to be part of the action when she’s busy in the kitchen,” explains the owner.

The patio was originally open, but after the neighbours started building their house, the owners decided to install glass stack doors. “It comes in handy on a cold winter’s evening, while we open up the doors in summer to enjoy the warm weather.

“This country estate suits our lifestyle perfectly. It’s relaxed and has state-of-the-art security, which is important to us. Our house is welcoming and close to all amenities, which is more than we could have asked for,” he adds.