By Trisha Harinath, Project Consultant Adri Scheepers, Photography Craig Heath

It was this rugged experience, the fact that they needed a 4×4 to travel the distance, and the breathtaking views that sealed the deal for them. “What we really wanted was a home where it would be easy to relax and enjoy the view of the surrounding bushveld,” says the owner.

A number of factors influenced the way that the home was designed and decorated. Due to its being located on the side of a hill, surrounded by rocks and the veld, it was a natural progression for the owners to create earthy interior and exterior spaces. Other inspiration came from the owner’s trip to Morocco.

With the assistance of an interior decorator, the owners have managed to produce rooms that are luxurious, yet striking to the eye, and authentic in their appeal. Whether it’s one of the four bedrooms, the coffee bar with sitting nook or the covered patio, each was treated with evident attention to detail – beautifully decorated spaces that are not only completely functional, but timeless in their appeal as well.

“At the end of the day, we wanted a home that emits a sense of stylish comfort and envelops guests, family and friends in a homely embrace,” concludes the owner.

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