Are you an avid gardener with super-green fingers? You’ll want to get your hands on these must-have garden tools, accessories and more…

1 Hose of many colours – Say goodbye to boring ‘grass-green’ hoses and add a splash of colour with Garden Master’s ‘Colour Your Garden’ range of hoses, available in lime, pink and turquoise (12mm x 20m).

2 Precision cutting – When it comes to sharp and durable pruning shears, loppers, pull-stroke pruning saws, grafting knives and more, you can’t go wrong with the Swiss-made FELCO range. They’re revered by landscape gardeners the world-over.

3 Weeding made easy – Stand upright while you weed with the GARDENA Weeding Trowel. Equipped with special blades, the trowel can easily penetrate the ground to effortlessly pull out weeds. No bending and no dirty hands, guaranteed – even with the most stubborn weeds.

4 Tough-as-nails gloves – Whether you’re spreading compost, planting seeds or weeding, Efekto’s range of Nitrile Gloves will keep your hands both clean and dry. The palms and fingers are coated with nitrile, which is an extremely tough, yet thin and flexible, material that can withstand punctures and even small thorns. Simply throw them in the wash when your work is done. Available in green, black, pink and purple (S,M,L).

5 Download the app – The Lasher Tools App gives you access to fantastic gardening tips and practical DIY projects. Packed with nifty features such as weather notifications to warn of bad weather and planting calendar tips, you will never be left high and dry in the garden or on a home project again.

6 Simple water storage – Garden Master’s decorative 300L and 500L water tanks offer a simple rainwater collecting and storage system that is both easy to install and maintain. All you have to do is connect them to the gutter and wait for the heavens to open.

7 Shred it – Bosch’s razor-sharp garden shredders offer the perfect solution to quick and easy garden clean-up. Depending on the size of your garden and the frequency of use, you can choose between Rapid shredders for green and soft garden materials and quiet shredders for every type of garden material.

8 No mess, no fuss weed killer – Roundup Gel by Efekto, with its unique gel formulation, precisely targets weeds in awkward places as the gel stays exactly where you apply it – on the weed. There’s no contact with soil or other plants, making it ideal for flowerbeds, vegetable plots, potted plants and lawns.

9 Roll it up – No more bending, cranking or dirty hands when trying to roll up the garden hose, thanks to the GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box with motor drive that ensures an automatic, convenient and powerful roll-up of the garden hose. Easy as that!

10 Walk-in greenhouse – Get a head-start on bigger, better plants with the ‘Walk-In Greenhouse’ from Garden Master. You can give your seedlings a head start in it and even shelter your garden supplies under the shelves.