What entices you into a cake shop? Is the sweet scent enough to draw you in or do you require visual stimulus? Well, Buck Studio in Poland has created the ultimate interior for a patisserie in Wroclaw.

The company, which works specifically on retail and hospitality projects, took the perfectly formed éclair as its inspiration. The store is named Nanan, which means “sweet meats” in French, and the logo outside is the first nod to the curves of the iconic dessert.

The interior has been treated with a luxurious, dream-like approach. The walls are clad in padded soft pink velvet; even the arched doorways have been pampered in the same way. The main display island is in the shape of an éclair, the contents neatly presented under the glass casing.

Other items such as the mirrors, lights and even the handles have eclair-like forms. Brass has been brought in to add that decadent touch, like an iced cake finished with a shimmer of metallic dust.

Like a Wes Anderson film, Nanan’s is a surreal space where you can lose time – and money – when paying a visit!

Best wishes,

Jess from Hector and Bailey

Images via http://buck.pl/english/