By Marianne McDonald, Project Consultant Monique Rankine, Property Coordinator Chantel Spence, Photographer Bronwyn Greef

Over the course of a year, the owners of this home embarked on a build that would not only result in a beautiful family home, but allow them to avoid being reliant on municipal services. “We didn’t want a breakdown of services to have an impact on our lifestyle,” explains the home owner.

“We generate all of our own electricity via a solar energy system; we make use of filtered and then purified borehole water for house consumption; and rainwater is collected from the roof, patio and driveway, and stored in two 6 000-litre water storage tanks.”

To achieve this level of independence requires equipment and space that could easily detract from the modern beauty of the home, but the owners cleverly included a large basement area in the build to house these items. And they didn’t stop there – everything, from the fireplaces to the paint used on the walls, was carefully considered for its environmental impact, making for a healthier home overall.

Most of the rooms in the home, including the four bedrooms, are north facing, to allow in natural warmth and light, and look out onto a central courtyard that anchors the home in its natural surroundings by allowing the family to enjoy gorgeous views from both inside and outside the home.

“The main bedroom has the most amazing view of the mountains and the dams on the estate,” says the owner, although her favourite room is the TV lounge. “It’s the cosiest room in the house. Although it is not north facing, it gets the late afternoon sunshine and is the place where we all come together as a family and enjoy one another’s company.”

While this room certainly is inviting, there is an element to the entire home that feels lived-in and welcoming, despite the clean lines, muted tones and modern approach to open-plan living.

With a cohesive grey palette throughout, the home is warmed by quirky elements such as textured walls and printed wallcoverings, as well as bright pops of orange and green.

Nothing feels too precious, yet this is, undoubtedly, a special home. This can be achieved only when the family make their mark by having a say in every aesthetic and practical decision during the building and decorating process. Although the owners admit that having to make every decision themselves was daunting, it was well worth the effort when they achieved a home that is everything they ever wanted.

“We love the openness of the property, and the security. The view and space. The property is far removed from the normal hustle and bustle of daily life, but we are real home-bodies, so the weekends are when we stay at home to unwind and relax.” And when the weekend rolls around and guests come over, the kitchen becomes the place where everyone congregates. With easy access to the lounge, patio, swimming pool and outside bar area, guests are able to truly enjoy the home, the views and the welcoming environment. Best of all, there’s no chance of a power cut ruining the fun.