Décor is currently having a love affair with natural textures, from the weave of cotton to the warmth of wool. It’s all about the tactile and touchable. Follow these expert tips to incorporate the trend in your home.


• Start with a plain, untextured base, like a simple linen couch or neutral jute rug. Use your accessories, like lamps, side tables, mirror frames and scatters to introduce scatters.

• Think about layering, advises Rose McClement of Design Monarchy. Think of a combination of clustered circular coffee tables made from wood, metal and stone, for example. This is important for two reasons: “Without layering, your décor looks two dimensional and flat. What’s more, natural textures work best in combination,” she says. Metal on its own might look cold, but layering with wood creates warmth and depth.

• “This look loves a hint of something arty or tribal. Enter that sophisticated black ink masterpiece, or that quirky hand-made zebra,” says Ellis.


• Don’t go overboard with colours, warns Felicity Ellis of Cottonberry textile design studio. The appeal in natural textures lies in their soothing quality, often a by-product of their neutral colour. Bring in too many shades, and you lose this effect. The best way to work with colour in this instance? “Limit your palette to a few colours that tone together well, and be sure to include black or charcoal.”

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• Bring in the baskets. Design Monarchy’s Marica Fick notes that these make for particularly effective design elements in winter, when baskets of different shapes, piled with wood cuttings or bright blankets, are wonderfully warming. You can also use them as indoor planters – or simply use an empty basket in a fresh colour to add an accent.

• The textures trend borrows heavily from natural material, like wood. Make sure that you care for the items in the correct way, or you’ll shorten their lifespan and end up with tatty furnishings.

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• Remember that textured items are tactile. Coarse items may have visual appeal, but will feel rough and scratchy on the skin – hardly the ingredient for a comfortable, inviting room.

• Ring the changes in every season. In summer, a fluffy sheep skin is a must; in summer, a shell-encrusted platter adds beautiful texture.

Photo by Ingrid Hofstra on Unsplash