By Trisha Harinath

With today’s trend of creating a bathroom designed to be the ideal haven of relaxation, having your very own “nature’s bathroom” is now a reality.

Foundations first

Before attempting to create a bathroom inspired by nature, it is important to speak to an architect for advice on the best ways to design and implement this type of bathroom. “Well thought-out layering and varying combinations of different textures, materials and calming colours are a definite way forward in expressing a natural bathroom,” informs Donovan Gottsmann, of Bosch and Gottsmann Architectural Design Studio.

On the actual design of a nature’s bathroom, Nico van der Meulen, of Nico van der Meulen Architects says that the use of large expanses of either north or east-facing clear glass, usually sliding doors to open the bathroom, is always a good inclusion.  “Bathrooms with doors opening onto private gardens or balconies allow for a lot of natural air, ventilation and outdoor surrounds,” suggests Mark Begbie, of Mark Begbie Design.

Holistically natural

According to Nico van der Merwe, of DADObaths, one of the ways that home owners can accentuate the natural theme in their bathrooms is through the use of the DADObaths’ Crystal Crema-finished range that adds to the outside element in a bathroom. “The material is also highly resistant, so it is the perfect solution for this type of bathroom,” he explains. As for home owners who want to take their bathrooms outside, DADObaths’ products are UV-tested and approved, making outdoor use acceptable.

According to Andreas Lipinski, from Kaldewei, baths made from solid natural stone are also probably the most natural baths that home owners can find on the market. However, Andreas cautions that these types of baths are extremely expensive, and since they are very heavy, they cannot be installed everywhere.

Walls, floors and more

As with all types of bathrooms, the treatment of the walls, floors, colour scheme and even accessories are elements that should never be taken for granted.

“A good covering option for a natural bathroom is the Earth range of eco-friendly tiles,” says Amraj Lux Dursan, who represents Italtile. He goes on to explain that these are porcelain tiles with a natural stone effect. “They have all of the qualities of natural stone without the hassle of maintenance, and as an added benefit, non-polluting inks have been used in the manufacturing process, rendering these tiles eco-friendly.”

Another aspect to take into consideration is the lighting. As mentioned before, natural lighting is a must-have, but when it comes to selecting the ideal electrical lights, Melissa Davidson, from The Lighting Warehouse, says that the best types of lighting are fluorescent lights including compact fluorescent lights, halogen lighting and LED lights, as these are not only practical but eco-friendly as well.

Finally the correct colour palette for this type of bathroom could make or break the desired look. “The colour palette for this style of bathroom can be quite inspired – the base colours for the natural environment are filled with browns and greens, but these can be dotted with orange, purple and yellow,” suggests Amraj.

Not only will a bathroom inspired by nature soothe and relax body, mind and soul, but because of the classic styles and materials of the structure and products, this type of bathroom is kind to the environment. Go on and get your nature-inspired bathroom, and let the stresses of everyday life wash away!

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