A robot vacuum cleaner is more than just a nifty cleaning accessory. It’s an added convenience that can make your time at home that much more pleasurable!

Think about it. If you spend 30 minutes every evening tidying up, that’s time that could be spent watching a show with your spouse or playing a board game with your kids. That time adds up, but you can get it back. Automate a good chunk of your cleaning with a Taroma Robi1 robot vacuum cleaner and mop.


The designers of the Taroma Robi1 have gone to great lengths to ensure that you can allow your vacuum cleaner to run freely without worrying about any accidents or other issues. Just check out the safety features:

  • Anti-fall sensors – to prevent it from falling downstairs or off ledges.
  • Anti-collision sensors – so it won’t bump into furniture or other items.
  • V-shaped brush with anti-twining – this stops wires from getting tangled.
  • Smart mopping – it controls the dispensing of water to avoid puddles and shuts off the water dispenser when the unit stops moving.

Easy to use

Start the Robi1 on demand using the remote control, anytime you want to tidy up. Then, enjoy your leisure time. You can also control the unit from a smartphone app. Set timers, or start it up on demand. That’s a great feature if you ever need to clean up quickly for guests.

Great design and technology

There’s nothing obtrusive about this robotic cleaning unit. It’s attractive, and it’s quiet, despite having a 3 000 PA suction.

More importantly it gets the job done. You won’t waste precious time going back over missed spots or cleaning up messes. It uses artificial intelligence technology to ensure that it covers the cleaning area accurately and doesn’t miss a spot.

It works on a variety of floorcoverings – from hardwood to ceramic and linoleum tiles and low carpets. You can even watch the unit as it works using your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or smartphone.

Safe investment

You may feel a bit nervous about investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner. It is certainly an investment, but one we believe you will love. The Robi1 comes with a one-year warranty, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you’re safe to try it out!

Claim your evenings back

Imagine coming home at the end of the day knowing that a time-consuming chore is already done. What would you do with the time you get back thanks to your new robotic vacuum?

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