When designing a nursery for your baby, plan ahead and ensure it’s a room that will easily grow with your child. Here are five elements for longevity in the space.

1. Bed. Don’t feel limited by a crib. There are now options to convert this furniture item into a bed for a toddler or small child.

2. Changing table. Another furniture item that can have a dual purpose is the changing station. Add a removable changing top to a dresser or find a compactum that can be turned into a storage unit for toys or a desk for older children.

3. Chair. Seating is essential in the nursery, but choose a chair that is adaptable, and most importantly comfortable for tired parents to sit in and then for kids to curl up in with a book.

4. Flooring. As kids grow older, they tend to spend a lot of time on the floor. So whatever you choose, from carpets to wood, just make sure it’s easy to clean and comfortable.

5. Colour scheme. Use soft neutrals as a base. Not only are they more soothing for late-night feeds, they are also flexible. You can add removable wall decorations, play with patterned bedding and incorporate brighter or themed accents, which all can be changed inexpensively at a later stage.

For more inspiration on decorating a nursery to meet your child’s needs, see our June issue on shelf now.