We share some great ideas for introducing the latest colour trends into your home and outdoor areas.

It’s always exciting to add splashes of the latest colour trends to your living spaces – especially in spring, when nature is at its most vibrant.

What can we expect for 2018?

International colour authority the Pantone Color Institute has set the trend for an unexpected colour alchemy. As a base colour, classic metallics will make way for neutral hues, while there is a shift from soft, demure pastels towards intense, popping colours. Think acid-bright chartreuse, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black for contrast.

On the international radar

According to the Pantone Color Institute’s Leatrice Eisman, the coming season – and year – will be painted in the following hues:

• Verdure: Vegetal colours such as Celery, infused with berry purples and eggshell blue
• Resourceful: Complementary blue and orange shades
• Discretion: Subtle hues, such as pinks
• TECHnique: Bright turquoise, pink and purple, anchored by a neutral shade

We asked local experts to share their ultimate colour schemes.

Where? Indoors

The trend: Moody

The look: “For Spring 2017, one can’t go wrong with moody hues of green, combined with black and vibrant jolts of red and yellow,” says Katrin Herrmann-Van Dyk, creative director and head homeware buyer for Hertex and HAUS.

The trend: Soft and feminine

The look: For a more subtle palette, Herrmann-Van Dyk suggests: “Gentle pink tones, like peach parfait and prawn cocktail, combined with cinnamon and grey tones, are sophisticated and timeless.”

Where? On the patio and veranda

The trend: Contrast

The look: “My advice for anyone wanting to experiment with colour right now is to play with contrast,” suggests Liam Mooney of Liam Mooney Studio. Mix colours of different moods, like sultry and heady burnt orange with fresh baby blue, or dark and sinister grape tones with acidic chartreuse.”

Additional source: www.bykoket.com

Images: Hertex