If you’re considering commissioning a piece of bespoke furniture for the first time and are unsure of where to start, allow some of our experts to be your guide.

“Everyone should own at least one bespoke furniture piece in their lifetime; it’s addictive.
With so much creativity at our fingertips, one tends to try to incorporate too many design ideas and elements into one piece. The best advice I can offer is to not overcomplicate your design, keep it focused, practical and functional.” – Richard Meershoek, Supreme Upholstery

Supreme Upholstery

“Invest time in your vision so you have a conceptual palette to work with. The resulting outcome may differ from your original vision – bespoke furniture is an artwork and the layers of consideration that go into it will result in an inimitable satisfaction.” – Tara Meeran, OKHA

OKHA Two be one standing lamp and bespoke console for Max Kasymov

“I would say choose a piece or pattern that speaks to you and make it the focal point of attention in the room. Use décor products that surround the piece to accentuate its beauty and help make it the hero.” – Nicki Ellis, Love Milo

Love Milo

“Keep the longevity of the design in mind and opt for designs that are not going to not go out of style too fast by listening to the advice of your designer – they are trained to guide you towards the best product at the best price for your style.” – Ramielle de Jager, Wolkberg Casting Studios

Wolkberg Casting Studios

“Consider the piece fitting into more than just one colour palette, look and feel. You may have that bespoke piece for many years, through many different changes to your home, and you want it to fit in whatever you decide to do with the space.” – Elize van der Berg, Beetroot Inc.

Beetroot Inc.

“Do a lot of homework – mark out the area of the room with newspaper to get a feel for the size and shape of the piece you need and make sure your manufacturer is very reputable and reliable. Fly-by-night manufacturers will claim to be able to make anything, but can they really?” – Lynton Lloyd, Leisure Lounge

Leisure Lounge

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