By Esther Moloi, Project Consultant Lorna Ioakim, property Coordinator Chantel Spence, Photography Irma Bosch

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city lies a sanctuary fit for a king. This modern home embraces the great views of nature and was built to be energy-efficient.

Living in the USA for a number of years accustomed the home owners to houses where the temperature is controlled and comfortable throughout the year. They wanted to achieve the same with their home here, and opted for light steel frames, which insulated the home effectively.

They also added double-glazed windows and underfloor heating, which is run by hot water from a heated pump.

The house needed to be big enough to have friends and loved ones over. “We wanted a home with spacious areas where we could spend time with members of our close-knit family and a circle of friends,” they explain. As entertaining is an important part of their lifestyle, there is also a spacious home theatre for movie nights indoors. For lovely summer days, the home has a boma with seating, where they can enjoy a great braai and breathtaking views. One of the home owners is an artist, and she undertook the interior decor herself. Family antiques were complemented with more modern wall finishes. The aim of the decor was to give off a natural style that reflects the bushveld surrounding the house. You can also spot a few of her art pieces around the home.

Mediterranean-style homes inspired the idea of having a courtyard that provides easy access to various parts of the home. This resulted in the positioning of a chlorine-free swimming pool in the centre. This meant that more of the larger areas of the house could enjoy additional north-facing exposure, and so plenty of sunshine.

In keeping with the theme of energy efficiency, the kitchen was fitted with a gas stove and induction hob. There is also a recycling system that runs in both the kitchen and kitchenette. The garden was designed around saving the existing trees and plants, and adding other low-maintenance succulents that would contribute to this wetlands setting. This was rounded off with an automatic irrigation system that maintains the plants.

With a pond, and a number of water features around the garden giving off soothing sounds that can be heard from almost all the areas in the house, this home is a sanctuary for any nature-lover.