Summery aluminium louvre shutters are not just pretty window treatments. They make excellent patio doors too, either as a substitute for doors or in addition to glass doors. Trellidor has a range of louvre shutters, from budget-friendly styles for homes in secure estates to high-security designs for more vulnerable homes.

Here are some interesting ways to make the most of these attractive shutters on patios.

Tilt louvres open to maintain visual flow

Patios that are an integral part of the entertainment area provide more than enough space to spread out when there’s a crowd. They’re also a weak point in your security system, especially if there are no doors or barriers on the perimeter of the patio.

Louvre shutters fitted to the rooms that lead out onto the patio are an attractive solution. Designs like the Trellidor Premium Security Shutter are strong and lockable. They secure the home, and the louvres can be safely tilted open to keep the spacious visual flow through the indoor and outdoor rooms.

Stack louvre doors to the side to reveal the view

A windless summer day with sunshine and blue sky makes it virtually mandatory to open up and enjoy the view. Well-made louvre shutter doors to the patio are easy to stack to the side and out of the way while you absorb the peace.

When the wind comes up, leave the glass doors open but close the shutters and tilt the louvres to control airflow. This way, you can continue to enjoy the fresh air and keep an eye on what’s happening outdoors.

The Trellidor Estate Shutter is sleek and uncluttered with no external rods, so it is lovely to look at when closed. The louvres are easy to tilt by hand and the lock is high quality. These shutters are reasonably priced and affordable enough to fit across wide patio doors.

Lock up and go with louvre patio shutters

Security shutters with hidden strengthening features are ideal for homes with patios that look straight onto the street. Fitted to the edge of the patio and kept closed, they offer security, privacy from neighbours, protection from the weather and a view of the garden.

They also fit in seamlessly with a “lock up and go” lifestyle. Trellidor Premium Security Shutters can be locked and unlocked from both sides of the shutter. Close and lock them whenever you leave the house or at night when you need an extra layer of protection.

Use louvre shutters for access control

Locked louvre shutters are a convenient means of controlling access to your home through the patio without closing up the house in summer. The louvre panels can be left open for fresh air, light penetration and to keep the view in sight.

Use them to stop young children from getting to the pool when you’re inside; or to prevent intruders from coming in unnoticed when you’re busy in the kitchen; or even to keep pets inside, especially in an estate where they have to be kept under control.

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