There is nothing more alluring than the crystal-clear and sparkling blue waters of a pool. We chatted to some industry experts to find out how you can keep your pool clean throughout the year.

According to Carolyn Idas of PowerPlastics Pool Covers, the first step to a beautiful and easy-to-maintain pool is getting a pool cover such as a GeoBubble or the PowerPlastics Solid Safety Cover. “Once the pool is covered, evaporation is stopped and the covers prevent leaves, dirt and debris entering the water, thereby maintaining the perfect water hygiene and reducing the running costs.”

PowerPlastics Pool Covers

Idas also offers these invaluable tips to help ensure that your pool looks amazing throughout the year. “Run the pool filter/Kreepy as normal under the pool cover but programme the filter to run during off-peak hours and don’t use grey/recycled water to top up the pool.”

Pool covers reduce the hassle around pools, making them all cleaner and clearer, she says. “Reduce the time spent cleaning a pool by covering it up.”

Apart from making use of an automated pool cover, Anthony Solomon, director of Pool Cover Specialists SA, also recommends using a good filtration and sanitisation system. Solomon advises that keeping the pool filtration system free of debris and dirt and monitoring chemicals and water balance is essential.

Pool Cover Specialists SA

“We recommend the automated slatted pool cover system as they are aesthetically and functionally brilliant. They keep the pool clean, provide a level of safety and reduce evaporation by 99%,” explains Solomon. “Annual maintenance of your automated pool cover, and all other pool equipment will also ensure good operation.”

Peter Shedlock, the owner and director of DWG Swimming Pool Services, offers this helpful maintenance schedule that will ensure your pool remains crystal clear and sparkling throughout the year:

DWG Swimming Pool Services

Daily: Scoop out the leaves and basket (if necessary).

Weekly: Scoop leaves, basket, clear out the weir basket and pump basket (if necessary); backwash the filter; test water and add the necessary chemicals.

Monthly: Once water chemistry is stablised, it may even be necessary to test it monthly.

Six monthly: Open the sand filter and do a manual backwash.

Annually: Check that the pump impellor is not worn or blocked with leaves.

Every two-and-a-half years: Replace the filter sand.

In summary, Shedlock says that in order for you to have a picture-perfect pool through the year, it is imperative that you keep the pool clean, keep the filter clean and maintain the chemical balance.