Pierre Cronje recently opened the doors of his flagship showroom in Kramerville. The new venue, with its 700mshowroom capacity, is ideally suited to showcase the large variety of solid wood furniture pieces that have become iconic across distinguished homes in South Africa.

The Pierre Cronje brand carries a wide selection of original pieces, ranging from Heritage Cape Dutch to contemporary, classic and country styles. Trendy and discerning design and furniture lovers in Gauteng now have an opportunity to choose their future heirloom pieces. They are also able to order individual custom made pieces at the Kramerville showroom

An element of the Pierre Cronje factory shines through in the design of the showroom, educating visitors on Pierre Cronje’s  South African manufacturing heritage that stretches almost three decades. Pierre has an incredible passion for wood and is committed to only using wood from sustainable and ethical sources. Unique design and a great respect for the raw product is what makes owning an original Pierre Cronje piece of furniture so sought after.

Currently Pierre favours rare French Oak, which he personally sourced from France. The individual trunks are cut to specification, stacked and bound together in their original form to be used in single furniture items such as tabletops. This method ensures that the grain of the wood matches in the final product. At the end of a lifespan of a tree, many as old as 600 years, Pierre believes that the symbiosis of man and tree lives on through timeless functional furniture pieces. Locally wood is sourced through Forest Stewardship Council compliancy (FSC), ensuring sustainable forestry practice.

Pierre Cronje’s celebrated furniture pieces are sure conversation pieces, bringing a sense of gravitas and admiration to the spaces in which they live.