The newest addition to the Lifestyle Garden Centre, Happy Life Plants, is a boutique plant shop with the emphasis on plants that are ready to home and ready to gift. Happy Life Plants combine happy healthy plants with premium pots, or with pot and saucer combos, to suit your needs and tastes.

Happy Life Plants offers plant accessories, plant care options, and of course gorgeous happy plants. Its online store offers plant subscriptions with a host of unique offerings, including pet-friendly plant choices. Discover the seven most popular plants on offer at Happy Life Plants this season.

Calathea Grey Star / Ctenanthe setosa

This prayer plant variety boasts dark green thinly veined silver-toned leaves with purple undersides. Belonging to the Marantaceae genus, these fast-growing indoor plants will boost the mood in any office space.

The Calathea Grey Star loves humidity – to ensure a humid environment we encourage regular misting, and if possible, placing it in a humid space. This plant enjoys medium filtered light – do not place in direct sunlight. A good watering routine is important and this plant will tell you when it needs water by curling its leaves inwards.

Fiddle Leaf Fig / Ficus lyrata

This trendsetter is an absolute must-have in any home or office. Lending instant jungle vibes with its voluptuous paddle-shaped leaves, this bold plant is easy to care for, and great for increasing happiness.

Its air-purifying properties just add to the things we love about it. Mist it regularly to emulate the humid atmosphere from which it heralds, and place it where it will receive a good amount of indirect sunlight. Establishing a consistent watering routine will reward you with new growth and glossy foliage. Remember to fertilise it every two weeks in autumn, spring and summer. Your Fiddle Leaf Fig will also love being cleaned – a regular gentle wipe of the leaves with a soft cloth will go a long way in promoting photosynthesis.

Heart Leaf Philodendron/ Philodendron scandens

Reach great heights with this trailing plant – a true winner with its luscious cascading leaves and ability to grow in pretty much any light conditions. It makes the perfect office plant because, unlike so many plants, it acclimates well to artificial light.

Allow it to completely dry out between waterings. Pair with a macramé hanger to really emphasise its trailing growth habit. You’ll be happy to know that this plant removes toxins from the air too – even more of a reason to add it to your happy-plant collection.

Rubber Plant/ Ficus elastica

The Ficus Elastica Robustas are a variety of plants that have held position as trendy and durable from the 1970s. Their large oval glossy leaves hold water, and will happily sustain life for short periods of time without being watered.

Choose from rich pink tones in the leaves, creamy-leafed foliage, or rich bottle green or burgundy foliage – all of which add a unique colour element to any office space. These plants grow into bold statement plants easily. They are happy with moderate indirect light and a good watering routine. Allow the soil to dry out before watering.

Peace Lily/ Spathiphyllum wallisii

What’s not to love about a hardy indoor plant that just keeps giving? The Spathiphyllum wallisii is a flowering houseplant that boasts graceful creamy white flowers atop slender green stems. The leaves are glossy and plentiful.

Adaptable to varying light conditions, this indoor plant enjoys a humid environment in moderate to bright light. Misting regularly adds greatly to its care routine, which includes fertilising every two weeks in the warmer seasons. It can be intolerant to the chemicals found in tap water, which can lead to brown tips on the leaves – remedy this by watering it with filtered or rain water.

Fishbone Prayer Plant / Calathea Burle Marx

Differentiating itself clearly from its cousin the Grey Star, this prayer plant has bright, thickly veined leaves with aubergine-coloured undersides. The Calathea Burle Marx is a collector’s favourite, prized for its stunning foliage.

Thriving in low to medium light, this prayer plant “dances” to the light, unfurling in the day time and curling back up in prayer as the night approaches. Sunlight will bleach the vivid leaves, so keep light filtered and indirect. Water well, allowing to drain properly through its pot’s drainage holes.

Delicious Monster varieties/ Monstera deliciosa

Opt for the timeless classic, the Delicious Monster, whose tender stemmed leaves have seen a massive and sustained revival in popularity, or the newer, truly trendy Swiss Cheese plant, with its uniquely perforated leaves (fenestration) and vining growth habit.

The Delicious Monster will take over in a happy home, and needs space to do so, with new foliage appearing regularly in the right conditions. It adds instant jungle lushness to any space. It can be watered once a week once soil has dried out, being allowed to drain thoroughly.