Simple yet beautiful, suitable for any size space and easy to maintain, there’s reason the trend of indoor hanging plants still has the décor world enchanted.

Opus, a botanical flower shop in Woodstock, Cape Town, specialises in suspended ‘potless’ gardens, influenced by the Japanese floral art form of kokedama, which uses moss and string as a container for the plant.

Their range includes hardy succulents, tropical ferns and more delicate orchids, which are suited to the suspended environment.

Inspired by a shared family love for plants and flowers, Marissa Pretorius founded the company in 2011, turning to floristry after four years in the advertising industry. A year later, Arthur Madzivanzira joined Opus and is now an experienced and valuable contributor to the team, specialising in the construction of the hanging plants.

When caring for your hanging plants, Marissa advises regularly fertilizing and ensuring you have proper ventilation and indirect light, along with watering when the ball feels light.

Opus also offers a variety of other plant-related products, such as terrariums, wreaths, and garlands, as well as flower arrangements and botanical installations. Look out for their workshops planned for later this year.