Do you have an uninspiring area on your patio that you’d like to jazz up? Consider an eye-catching combination of pots and plants…

“Pots work really well in home and garden spaces as they allow you to control your plants’ requirements in terms of soil type, fertilizing and watering needs,” says Damon Johnson, Plant Manager at Lifestyle Home Garden. “From a design point of view, it’s really nice to play around with heights and choose pots and plants in various sizes,” he says. “You can then create a hierarchy with small, medium and tall combinations of pots and plants. Pair a tall pot with a short plant and visa versa.”

When it comes to pot colour and style, Damon has this advice: “Colours and styles are very personal. Some people prefer earthy terracotta while others like colourful, glazed pots. Mix and match to your own preference so that you can create an environment you enjoy being in,” he advises. “Your patio is an extension of your interior colour palette, so it sometimes works well to draw inspiration from your interior and carry that through to the outdoors,” he suggests.

For something totally out of the ordinary, consider using printed garden art as a backdrop for your patio pots. “From a high-resolution print depicting a beautiful garden scene or water feature, to holiday memories, family snaps and ‘floral tiles’ our wall-mountable images are printed with eco-friendly ink on waterproof and UV-treated board for outdoor use,” says Vanessa Varonou from Wall X Scape. They have over 200 images to choose from and if you can’t find an image you like, you can upload your own high-resolution image for them to use.

Quick tips for choosing patio pots

• Wooden planters are great for patios – they come in various sizes and are easily manoeuvrable.
• Tiered planters work well as they allow you to plant more in a limited space.
• Hang pots on covered patios or even from hooks on walls – plant with trailing varieties or colourful annuals.
• Lightweight pots are easy to move and look very modern and chic.
• Vertical planters, especially stackable units that allow you to plant as high as you want to, are great for adding colour and a ‘living-wall’ effect to a patio.
• Choose pots that stand up to the elements and/or look better with weathering. And remember to space out your pots so the plants have room to flourish.

Summer flower choices for pots

“Summer time is here and flowers are bursting with abundant colour,” says Deborah Hele from the GardenShop. Here are ten varieties that are well suited to growing in pots, plus they’re waterwise to boot…

• Osteospernums
• Gazanias
• Scabiosa
• Agapanthus
• Lavenders
• Marigolds
• Gaura’s
• Verbena’s
• Geraniums
• Petunias

More plant choices for patio pots

• Edibles, such as herbs and veggies
• ‘Standards’ like roses, camellias and hibiscus
• Palms and ferns, to set a more tropical tone
• Lollipop fuchsias, with their long, thin stems and rounded head of gracefully dangling flowers, look amazing in pots
• Bonsia trees (ideal for a small Zen corner)
• Succulents