Plascon has remained a leading South African coatings manufacturer for over 130 years due to their ability to continuously reinvent. Here, they share how the brand is furthering their commitment to environmental conservation, taking meaningful steps to reduce their impact on the environment with their strides in green technology.

APEO-free formulations

APEOs are compounds which, when released into the environment, can be toxic to human and wildlife, especially marine life. Conventional roof paints contain APEOs that, over time, leach into waterways through rain and drainage, and eventually contaminate the soil, water tables, rivers and ultimately, our oceans. Plascon TradePro Roof & More is Africa’s first roof paint to be entirely free of the harmful APEO chemicals. South Africa is amongst the most water-scarce countries in the world and one way to use water more responsibly – and save more money on your monthly municipal bill – is to harvest rainwater from roofs. Since Plascon TradePro Roof & More is APEO-free it is safe for the harvesting of rainwater for non-potable use.

Upcycled buckets

The ever-growing amount of plastic pollution places an immense strain on the environment, increasing the urgency to reduce plastic consumption and wastes, and to find sustainable ways to recycle existing plastic products. To honour this call, Plascon has introduced black buckets to its premium range, which are made of up to 70% upcycled material. These upcycled buckets provide the same structural integrity with new distinction to the Plascon premium range, bringing consumers the renowned and trusted quality of these brands with the peace of mind knowing they’re making the most responsible choice for the environment.

Water-based formulations

Solvent-based paints were the preferred choice in coatings, favoured for their perceived durability, especially in enamel paints. But these solvents cause complications with application, cleaning, disposal and, most importantly, are harmful to the environment. This has created the need for water-based products which offer equal, if not better, quality with added benefits including faster drying times, lower associated costs and minimal impact to the environment and the health of consumers. Plascon Velvaglo Water-Based Enamel is just one of the extensive water-based range of product offered by Plascon. Plascon Velvaglo Water-Based is prized for its superior strength, satin finish and versatility and offers all the toughness of a solvent-based enamel including UV, flaking and stain resistance while remaining environmentally friendly.

Zero VOCs

Also of concern with solvent-based products is the associated risk of VOC emission. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are chemicals emitted from production processes and common household items. These chemicals accumulate in the air and have adverse health effects. To combat this threat, Plascon has optimised the formulations of their premium brands which now all boast zero VOC recipes. This means that there are no VOC emissions when using these products thereby protecting the environment as well as your home and family.

Air purifying technology

A VOC known as formaldehyde, emitted from common household items, has the potential to pollute the air we breathe. Plascon has pioneered the first paint in the country with Air Purifying Technology. Plascon Double Velvet Pure actively improves the quality of indoor air by removing Formaldyhyde, making your home and workspace a safer environment for you, your co-workers and family. A compound in the formula removes and permanently transforms the formaldehyde in the air into undetectable, harmless water vapour which is safe for breathing. 

Plascon continues to innovate, with a focus on developing pioneering products while being conscious of their environmental impact. These changes affirm Plascon’s re-orientation and refreshed commitment to focus on people and purpose.