Ryan Bakos, CEO of Bakos  Brothers, chats about expressing yourself through home decor

I am a firm believer that home decor is an expression of one’s personality and style; it is the best place to showcase who you are. Your core personality is reflected through every single piece of furniture in your home, and at the end of the day, you need to go to a home that allows you to relax, rest and rejuvenate.

With that in mind, take your living space for instance: it must be an oasis of calm, where you can feel safe, and unwind at the end of the day. Your furniture pieces should reflect who you are; you need not follow every trend by the book. Listen to your inner feelings.

Consider simplistic things like light, colour, texture, floors, and size of the space. Someone famous (don’t ask me who), once said: “Your home is an outward manifestation of your inner experience – a reflection of yourself,” and I carry this philosophy with me and share it with my clients all the time.

I often check myself when I get to people’s houses and automatically redecorate the room in my head with thoughts of “I would have never put that piece of furniture there and this space would look superb if a few pieces were rearranged”. I am often so tempted to shift the furniture, at the risk of being caught!

Although furniture is a big part of a room, it is not everything; there are several other elements that need to be incorporated to make it aesthetically pleasing. Colour, for instance, sets the personality or theme of a room. A room’s layout and space is also a key factor in design; you need not have a monstrosity of a room to make it beautiful – you have to adapt every space.

There are many different themes and styles to choose from, be it an elegant classical look or an effortless chic look. So get inspired by the world around you and you can create something that is spectacular and uniquely yours.