By Chirne Dippenaar

The bedroom is a room that does not have to impress guests or flaunt fashion. Decorating it provides you with the opportunity for self-expression, and allows you to create a space devoted to your happiness and comfort. This means that you can interpret and experiment with the latest decor trends to make this space truly your own.

Here are five of our favourite bedroom trends:


Neutral grey, black and off-white are trendy colours to create a monochrome bedroom. Black and white look great as accent colours and help to add pizzazz to walls and bedding.

Natural elements

Integrate nature into your room’s design with natural tones, wooden floors and the use of exposed stone and brick materials. In doing so, you can create a rustic and yet tasteful decor scheme. We love windowsill plants as they bring a sense of freshness into your bedroom.

Less is more

Instead of splurging on a complete renovation each time trends change, strip away ostentatiousness and focus on creating a simplified more masculine space. By investing on quality, big-ticket items (think Scandinavian, simplistic design) you’ll have furniture that lasts, and you can always update your space with trendy accessories.

Bold accents

Bright colours are popping up everywhere – @Home’s fabulous Neo Pop Summer Range is definitely worth looking at if you’d like to incorporate this trend into your living spaces. Whether in coral, teal, yellow, cerise or cobalt, to name just a few, these bold accents will work well in a monochrome space.

Eclectic knick-knacks

Eclectic accessories and bespoke decor pieces express individuality in a fun and quirky way. Create your own unique curated space with unusual mirrors, nostalgic vintage prints, antique vanity tables, retro lettering and quirky pots.

So go ahead – experiment, be creative and create your own haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.