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The South African Schools CollectionIncluding Tertiary Institutions, is an annual showcase publication targeted primarily at parents who need to make decisions concerning their children’s future. The publication provides a directory of independent and public schools: it lists facts and figures and showcases facilities, the ethos and foundation of educational institutions.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on education. The 2022 Reading Panel Report estimates that schoolchildren have lost about 1.3 years of schooling and the effect of this protracted gap in learning will have far-reaching effects. However, notwithstanding the many challenges of the past two years, necessity has given rise to innovation.

In this issue of The SA Schools Collection, we take a look at how online learning has become more inclusive and accessible, how lockdown has positively impacted us seeking out extracurricular activities to ensure our children remained socialised when school programmes were on hold, and we dive into what support schools offer learners as they begin to transition back to traditional classroom activities. We also touch on global education opportunities and share great academic and career guidance tips for the world of the future.

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