By Justine Olivier

There’s nothing better than walking into an aesthetically pleasing bathroom – a bathroom where the ambience not only influences your mood, but speaks a certain sense of peace to your soul. A well-planned and executed bathroom speaks volumes in comparison to an overlooked, lifeless one.

“The bathroom of today is no longer simply a room; it is a statement. When it comes to sanitaryware selection, customers are concerned about features like design, durability, easy maintenance and respect for the environment,” say professionals from Italtile.

Often the sanitaryware will dictate the style and influence that your bathroom exhibits, therefore it’s pivotal to ensure that your sanitaryware is well looked after, upgraded and/or completely replaced. Deteriorating or worn-out sanitaryware will have an adverse effect on your interior areas, and create a space you’d rather wish to avoid than spend time in de-stressing.

According to, sanitaryware can be defined as ceramic plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets and so on. It is interesting to note that these trends can be dictated by the popular style of the month and/or year. Lance Porter, of Tiletoria, says that the latest sanitaryware trends include more modern, square toilets, and freestanding baths, either square or oval-shaped.

“Houses are becoming more contemporary in look – the Bali style has moved on. Home owners see the bathroom as an extension of their home; it is a place to relax and recharge their batteries, and the bathroom should reflect this,” he adds.

With the modern, more contemporary style permeating every aspect of the home, it’s no wonder that the bathroom has followed suit. “Black sanitaryware and bathroom fittings help create a sultry, masculine effect that is lusted after by young singles, bachelors and those with a penchant for contemporary styling,” explains Mark Bennett, of Jeeves Heated Towel Rails. Simple, yet elegant designs in sanitaryware, colour brought in through tiles, soft furnishings, and even furniture ensure a more modern appearance to the room in general.

“Basins and taps with clean lines and simplistic designs are most definitely the trend at the moment,” says Peter Jefferson, of On Tap Plumbing Supplies. “The square, yet rounded shape creates soft lines that contribute to the bathroom’s minimalistic yet functional approach.”

When purchasing new sanitaryware ensure that each item is compatible with the next. “Take measurements to check things like whether the new, bigger bath will fit into the space available in the bathroom,” advises Lance. Find what works for you, but do your research – ensure the compatibility, the style (whether to complement or contrast), the space factor and, of course, the practicality and functionality of what you wish to purchase – whether it’ll contribute to and enhance your bathroom ambience or detract from it.

While the bathroom is undergoing a transformation, it has become more simplistic and minimalist in design, has technology integrated into it, is fitted for elegance with furniture, and still ensures that quality and space are key considerations. By enhancing the spaciousness of this area or creating the illusion of extra space, you will also increase its modern appeal. A great solution for creating extra space is through the use of mirrors, which also help to brighten the room. “Light coloured tiles in bigger formats will also assist to give your bathroom a more airy feel,” adds Lance.