By Lisa Witepski, Project Consultant Catherine de Vincenzo, Property Consultant Judy Fogarty Photographer Chris Allen

An unsurpassed view and sense of space make for easy living at this holiday home.

Since her permanent residence is a fourth-generation farmhouse full of heirlooms and antiques, the owner was determined to create a fresh, fun aesthetic for the family’s seaside holiday home. “I want this to be a place where our friends feel they can take off their shoes and relax,” she explains.

Many of the home’s features were inspired by past learnings. For example, this is the family’s second home at the coast, and the owners were careful not to replicate the “white and light” beach-inspired look that had made the first seem sterile. Instead, they have incorporated splashes of rich, dark colour, playing with grey and charcoal as neutral backdrops and introducing warmth through wood.

The owner strived to keep lines simple, clean and modern, but embraced quirky touches that add an element of fun. The guest bathroom, with its tropical wallpaper, is a case in point. “We wanted to do something different with this small space,” she explains, “and we loved the pink tones of the wallpaper, which matches the rose gold taps and black basin.” An advantage of this look is that although it creates interest, the room can be easily changed once it grows tired, she adds.

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