By Lisa Witepski, Project Consultant Judy Fogarty, Photographer Stephen Rowley

In an estate characterised by urban-style apartment living, this home – with splashes of blue and green from the garden and pool – inevitably draws the eye.

From the outset, the owner was determined to incorporate several elements that would distinguish the home from others on the estate. For a start, it was to be accessed directly from the driveway. Also, while the gradient of the land meant that gardens were a no-no for most houses, this home’s vertical garden – enhanced by the view of the pool as visitors approach the driveway – is one of its most special features. But it’s not all about aesthetics. “We wanted a home where our grandchildren could play,” the home owner explains.

This is also why easy access to the pool area from the house was so important: the purpose-built walkway allows kids to run from the main veranda to the pool, rather than traipsing through the home with wet feet.

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