By Svenja Gernoth, Project Consultant Stacey Wright, Photography Grant Pitcher

This residence is a fusion of style and comfort, with a modern twist, and features an enchanting, earthy palette of rich browns, beige, maroon and burnt orange.

Furnishings are kept simple, with solid wood being key. An integration of glass windows and sliding doors allows for an abundance of natural light to flood the living spaces, and modern light fixtures ensure that the home is luxuriously illuminated at night.

Five exquisitely furnished bedrooms offer the ultimate in comfort, and opulent curtains and throws reflect the owners’ immaculate style. A spacious walk-in closet in the master suite provides plenty of storage options, ensuring that clothes, shoes and accessories are neatly packed away, yet easy to find.

In addition to its luxurious interior, the house has an expansive patio and entertaining area, ideal for hosting family and friends, and a beautiful koi pond enhances the feeling of peace and serenity.