By Sherneen Dayaram, Project Consultant Debbie Zeelie, Property Coordinator Wadoeda Brenner Photography Keith Quixley

Many people build houses to look aesthetically pleasing, but we built our home to be functional,” says this owner. The main consideration was that all of the elements work together – a house that was not just beautiful, but practical as well.

This house was built after the couple fell in love with the tranquillity of Yzerfontein. They wanted to build the perfect house at the sea to which they would one day retire. A location was chosen close to the harbour, so that the home owners could look out at the view and enjoy the activity taking place right in front of them.

The family home is in a contemporary style, with practical usable areas. The architect aimed at creating something different from the norm, with clean lines and the introduction of textures using various cladding options. Interesting features of the home include bedrooms that are sea-facing, a low-maintenance garden and a private entrance that leads to impressive vistas.

The house has three storeys, each with its own style and decor. At ground level, there are three children’s bedrooms, a bathroom and an entertainment area. The children’s bedrooms are tastefully decorated to provide a “beach-house feeling”.

The middle level hosts the master bedroom, which is modelled on a presidential hotel suite, with dark wooden furniture, a cosy fireplace and plush carpet to create a luxurious ambience. Boasting a magnificent sea view, the master bedroom allows the home owners to really take advantage of the location of the property.

The kitchen and entertainment area are situated on the upper level. This is the family’s favourite place, as mom can cook up a delicious dinner while the kids watch a movie. This space has been strategically planned so that when the family has guests over, they are in close proximity to the indoor braai and pizza oven, and the kitchen and dining area.

With the idea of ultimately retiring in this home, the couple saw to possible future needs, and installed a lift between the upper and middle levels, specially designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

Energy efficiency was an important consideration, from the design phase, and included insulated walls, double-glazed windows, solar geysers and wood-burning/pellet stoves. An advanced, home-automation system was installed in the home, and for added energy efficiency lights controlled by motion sensors were installed in areas such as the bathrooms, passages and the pantry.

According to the owners, this home makes them feel as if they are on holiday, even if they are there for only a night. For them, it’s the best place to “switch off”. This is the perfect, serene seaside home.