Many home specialists will tell you that you need an exceptional audio-visual experience in your home – but not many tell you how to do it. BNC Technology’s lifestyle designers help their clients by first finding out what it is they want. From the garage door to the bar lounge right through to the feeling you want to get as you step into the outdoor infinity pool, your new smart home needs to capture it all.

It’s all about mood. There are a lot of factors to setting a mood, and sound is a serious enhancer. Sound is the soul of a scene, and BNC will help you curate it, get the best out of it and create a mood with it.

For all our smart home enthusiasts, here’s how it’s done:  

The science

Like any art, sound starts with science and culminates in emotion. Acoustic engineer Ivan Lin refers to the emotive and scientific depth of sound and its impact on atmosphere and emotion as “sound psychology”. Sound has a high impact on the chemistry of our brains – it has the power to reduce anxiety, promote euphoria, shorten medical recovery periods and flood you with dopamine (a natural feel-good chemical). This tangible chemical impact is why it’s crucial for a home to be mapped with an audio plan, which will dictate how a room is able to absorb, transmit, reflect or diffuse sound.

The scene

Creating a mood takes the right tools and expertise combined with an acute consciousness of design: it must feel good and look good. For outdoor entertainment: speakers disguised as rocks carry mood through the outside, without interrupting aesthetic. Even better outdoors is the C Seed that rises from the ground (cue mind-blown guests). Indoors, we recommend speakers disguised as lights, speakers that can be plastered over and completely hidden to accommodate seamless discretion. An important part of smart home expertise lies in knowing how to curate the technology to accommodate the feel.

Control yourself

Systems like Control4 equip you with the power of bringing a home to life on demand, and the satisfaction of giving your family fun at their fingertips. Integrating your home with technology and designing a space that feels too good to be true comes down to having you in the director’s seat – with the mood shifts on cue, and all the right buttons in your hands.

If you’re serious about automating your home to be a rocket ship of pure, seamless atmospheric inspiration, reach out to a lifestyle designer you can trust with your vision.