The experts at Eurolux share their top eco-friendly lighting solutions.

• An LED bulb has a lifespan of 15 000 to 30 000 hours as opposed to an incandescent one which only offers up to 2 000 hours of illumination. This means you’ll be disposing of bulbs far less often. In addition, LED bulbs contain no toxic elements and won’t harm the environment when disposed of in a landfill. Because LEDs use less energy, they decrease the demand from power plants and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

• Motion-sensor lights turn on only when movement is detected, making them a great option for your garden. Because they consume power only when activated, you save on electricity and reduce your carbon emissions.

• A well-lit home is essential for safety and security, which is why many people leave their lights on if they know they’ll be coming home in the dark. Unfortunately this tactic uses a lot of electricity. Reduce your electricity consumption by installing day/night bulbs. These bulbs register the brilliance of ambient light and activate when the light reaches a certain level – they automatically turn on at dusk and off again at dawn.

• Solar lighting uses energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. By using solar lighting you reduce your carbon footprint.