By Janine Jorgensen, Project Consultant Monique Rankine, Property Coordinator Chantel Spence, Photography Irma Bosch

“Minimal” is how the owner of this house, located in the south of Johannesburg, describes the style of her home. “We loved the clean look of modern interiors, which is clutter free, and stress free,” she says. “And it makes cleaning a lot easier, with two young kids running around!”

Keeping to an ethos of simplicity, the interior is streamlined, but still inviting. “We included vividly coloured decorative objects and wood to add cheerfulness to the space,” she explains.

Yellow gives zing to the kitchen’s neutral palette, and is continued in accents in the entertaining areas. Along with the energy and joy with which it is associated, it was chosen by the home owner in memory of her dad, who passed away during the building of the house, as it was his favourite colour.

Special attention was paid to the choice of furniture when decorating the house. “With less clutter, each piece really stands out,” says the owner.

As this is a family home, the items had to be durable too. “We tried not to cut corners when picking furniture and materials. Because of the children, the furniture needed to be strong.”

This includes comfortable seating in the TV room, which has splashes of red with a rug and throw, and sturdy transparent chairs and a table in the open-plan kitchen-dining area, with a mirror wall to enhance the sense of space.

The enclosed entertainment room is a favourite spot for the family; it’s sunny in winter and opens to the pool for outdoor living in summer.

One of the reasons why the owners chose the site was that it offered great views of the surrounding koppies, which are not lost in the minimalist design. Using glass balustrades and large windows creates a light, airy atmosphere, which balances the darker tones in the living areas.

Lighter hues have been used in the bedrooms, with clever storage tactics, such as a walk-in wardrobe in the daughter’s room, maintaining the uncluttered look.

The home owner shares this tip to her minimalist approach: “When people walk into my home, they often say my home looks so clean! Well, I do my best to keep it clean, but the key is to remove the unnecessary stuff, and never fill it.”