If there is one element of the kitchen that is known to make an impact, it is quartz countertops. We asked the experts to share their favourite products.

What is your favourite quartz countertop and why?

Steven de la Hunt, project manager from Martin Meyer Kitchens

Caesarstone. It has a wide range of colours to suit all design styles and is the leading brand in quartz surfaces. Whether you design a modern or country-style kitchen, you have options between thickness of worktops, thinner for more modern, thicker or build-ups for country. You can add profiles to edges, whether a build-up or normal thickness.

Martin Meyer Kitchens

Philip Richards, brand director of blu_line

It would have to be stone counters, especially Caesarstone, Neolith and some other custom finishes, due to their range of finishes and colours. It is extremely durable and hardwearing, from what we have experienced.


Jennie Kuhn, designer at Slavin

I love Iron Moss by Neolith. It is currently my favourite material because of the textures and colours. It has a very industrial feel, and currently that seems to be the trend with kitchen designs. I also love that it has such practical qualities. Although the material has a dark background, it has a metallic sheen that comes through, which brings it to life.

Slavin Kitchens

Philippe Brookes, operations director at Totem Designs

At the moment, I am loving the Silestone Eternal range. The spectacular design of the colours of the Eternal Collection draw penetrating patterns of highlights, visible from the surface right through to the depths of the slab, even at intersections and edges.

Totem Kitchens

Selma Zaifoglu, director of Linear Concepts

Our favourite kitchen countertops are Caesarstone’s Rugged Concrete and Statuario Maximus. We love Rugged Concrete as it brings another textured element into the kitchen design, while Statuario Maximus adds a dramatic effect to a minimalist kitchen design, creating a great focal point.

Linear Concepts

Ricardo Sabino Costa, business director of Fabri

Our favorite kitchen countertops are made of engineered or man-made stones such as quartz and porcelain. Quartz and porcelain are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, they are scratch- and stain-resistant, they can be heat-tolerant, like the quartz ones, or even resistant to very high temperatures, like the porcelain stones; and none of them are porous which makes them very easy to clean and maintain. The quartz stones are also crack- and impact-resistant. As for the warranty, they range from 15 years to lifetime. Other features of this type of material is the matching between the samples and the final product, which doesn’t happen in natural stones.


Milena Raaff, interior decorator at Stockhome Kitchen Living

Quartz surfaces supplied by Caesarstone and Silestone. These high-quality products have good back-up and work presence from the supplying companies. These surfaces are however not bulletproof and special care needs to be taken when exposing them to hot and cold materials, as well as products that can leave heavy stains.

Stockhome Kitchen Living

John Dammermann, marketing director at Easylife Kitchens

I wouldn’t say I’d choose one brand in particular. Easylife Kitchens supplies large amounts of Caesarstone, Silestone/Dekton, Lifestone as well as numerous other brands available on the South African market. Often customers have done their homework and will have a brand and colour in mind and our design consultants are trained to meet their expectations and fit into their budget.

Easylife Kitchens